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I am vending my own hot sauce, #wangsauce for the first time tonight 8pm @lot45bushwick! Come by and support women run businesses and an amazing line up of DJs!

This month March, the collective BAE gathers again!
To celebrate relationships, before anything else.
Feminine + Masculine Energy: the existence of both inside us and the fusion of both in our creativity.

<BAE presents W☯MAN>

BAE // wo:man is an intentional and interactive lineup of female/female and female/male collaborations. Live music duos, live art and movement, and collaborative artisanship. A collection of some of the most exciting projects linked across the New York art and business world.

BAE is at its heart a celebration of the Divine Feminine. It’s also a realization, acknowledgement, and appreciation of the way in which the Divine Feminine articulates, expresses, and co-creates with the Divine Masculine. It’s a “man’s world” in many ways; but at the beginning and the end of it all: it’s a Woman’s Universe. 

The divine male and female energies are meant to complement one another, working together harmoniously in a sacred dance of divine unity. Embracing both in their authenticity is essential for spiritual evolution. Cultures that honor this union are incredibly connected to the natural flow and are blessed with bountiful health and immeasurable wealth. Their creative output is high and their harmful tendencies are low.

BAE is a unique collective space for experiencing this union. This month, we want to explore and celebrate not just how women are empowered and empower one another, but how we also interplay with men in our mixed world -- in a way that honors, respects, and amplifies our power. This is also an open forum and experience and call for other fluid expressions of our chemical, spiritual, metaphysical makeup.

feminine and masculine elements coexist within each of us. The intermingling, the playfulness, the creativity, the fluidity, the balance.

WE ARE IT ALL, before anything else ♥

Earlier Event: March 18
"w4w" @dislcaimergallery
Later Event: March 24
Witch Beast Goddess Demon Slayer You