Lower 9th Ward, New Orleans

Besides Mardi Gras festivities, I wanted to check out some of the different neighborhoods in New Orleans. Although Katrina was almost ten years ago, the damages from the flood are still very apparent in neighborhoods such as the Lower 9th Ward. Homes here were submerged in up to 30 feet of water. A local thrift store owner reports that the neighborhood is quickly becoming more expensive to live in because insurance companies now charge more to insure homes in the area. New Orleans is very high risk for flooding because the whole area used to be swamp land and is still under sea level. 

School bus trip to NOLA

Some friends  of mine, Zon and Paloma purchased a school bus and announced that they were moving down to New Orleans with all their belongings in it. I had always wanted to see New Orleans and thought this would be the perfect opportunity to not only document a once in a life time bus trip but to finally see the city I've only read about. The photos below chronicle parts of our journey!