Destroy and Conquer

Below is our statement for our show at Satellite Fair during Art Basel Miami Beach.

“[W]hatever they have not pounced on like many eyed birds of prey,does not appear in the language you speak. This is apparent precisely in the intervals that your masters have not been able to fill with their words...[I]n all that which is not a continuation of their discourse, in the zero, the O, the perfect circle that you invent to imprison them and to overthrow them.” 
- Les Guerilleres, Monique Wittig

What if worlds were actually run by women and queerfolk? How do we see and materialize the existence of such a reality? In order to defeat the entities we now confront, we require new systems of every kind. We must decide how to rebuild from the ground up, and provide models to celebrate this process. Rin Johnson, Shaina Yang, Sarah Wang, Jordannah Elizabet, Sessa Englund, Dava Frog Wing and Shanti Latita, provide propositions, celebratory ephemera and meditations for the rebuilding of a society which has been dismantled and has crumbled around their feet. Disclaimer Gallery is proud to present, 'Destroy & Conquer' a 4 day exhibition at Satellite Art Fair in Miami Beach.