Vicky Rovere, Environmental Scavenger

There have been many nights of walking down Ludlow Street and discovering a variety of free things laid out on the same sidewalk around the same hours. The items range from clothing, shoes, kitchenware, books, and sometimes even gum or Tylenol all neatly arranged in a row. Sometimes there are signs telling you how much of each item you are allowed to take, an attempt to curb our inherent greed. I've run into Vicky, the woman behind the Free Free Store as my friends and I like to call it, a couple different times and thanked her for her work. On this particular night Vicky allowed us to tag along in her scavenging adventures. The tenement museum had just thrown out heaps of trash bags filled with treasures. We found brand new cans of spray paint, unused film rolls, wall paint, and many other usable knick knacks! Vicky lugged her stash back to the free store located on 149 Ludlow St between Stanton and Rivington while we carried our new art supplies to the studio.  The free store is open from 9pm to 1am daily and has served many needy wanders of the night.   

Heres an article on Vicky and her work: