Dumpling Crits

In dumpling crits, my partner Shaina Yang and I take an artist to a local Chinatown dumpling house (the dinkier, the better) for a critique of their artwork by the dumpling house ladies and/or men. We act as facilitators/interpreters for both parties.

Shaina got the idea for dumpling crits for "Content" a zine published by the Conartist Collective located in the Lower East Side. Combing her love of dumplings and art, Dumpling Crits are a chance for an artist that is a part of the collective to interact with the people of the restaurants they frequent. It is an interesting exchange that is completely new and maybe a little unnerving for both parties! 

The artist of the work is only revealed at the end of the critique. Sessa Englund (below) is the first artist to participate in the dumpling crits. She is so touched by the dumpling ladies honesty and enthusiasm that she gifts her painting to the ladies at the end.